The Haitian Education Project (HEP), Inc., is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 2003 to increase educational opportunities for the Haitian people.

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Education & Resource center

Haitian Education Project's vision is "Educate to save lives". We aim to build a network of Education and Resource Centers that will serve as hubs for community revitalization throughout Haiti. This is based on our experience on the ground and the fact that Haiti stands a better chance of greatly reducing poverty through community building and individual empowerment. The centers will achieve just that.

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Haiti Disaster Relief

Southern Haiti has been destroyed and more than 800 people lost their lives because they did not prepare to withstand the wrath of Hurricane Matthew. Haitian Education Project is building direct relationships with local communities. We're going to bring direct aid to the victims and help with building efforts for the long-term.

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Safe Drinking Water

Safe drinking water is a more pressing challenge for the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Southern Haiti. We are forging partnerships to help dig wells and connect local communities with portable water. We must act to save lives. This is urgent.

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